Postdoctoral Positions

As we continue to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of brain development, and the molecular and cellular consequences of disease causing mutations using high throughput single cell -omics technologies, we seek highly motivated individuals to join the team. Strong background in molecular biology is required. Background in bioinformatics or computational biology is a plus. Please contact Dr. Nowakowski at tomasz.nowakowski [at] with a cover letter and a CV, and please arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent directly.

Junior/Assistant Specialist Positions

We are seeking highly motivated candidates interested in conducting basic science research with a focus on studying the molecular mechanisms of brain development. You will become a member of the vibrant research community at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus and your chief responsibilities will include molecular biology and tissue and cell culture, managing stocks and supplies in the lab, and independent literature research, including presentations at the regular lab meetings. Apply here.

Graduate Student Positions

Graduate student positions are available in the lab. We look for those students who are excited to study brain development, and are willing to push the boundaries of new tools and technologies to answer long-standing questions in cortical development. We accept students from all of the UCSF graduate programs.

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