Postdoctoral Positions

As we continue to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of brain development, and the molecular and cellular consequences of disease causing mutations using high throughput single cell -omics technologies. We seek highly motivated individuals to join the team to pursue independent and creative projects related to normal human brain development, inter-cellular interactions, and in vitro models of brain development.

Funding through the CZ Biohub Intercampus Research Grant is available for postdoctoral trainees to work at the intersection of UCSF, UC Berkeley, Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub, and Stanford University to study intercellular interactions.

Funding is also available for a Postdoctoral Position to compare human brain development in vitro model to primary tissue.

We are currently interested in candidates with strong background in one of the following fields:

- molecular/synthetic biology or biochemistry

- quantitative systems biology / data science

- developmental neuroscience

Please contact Dr. Nowakowski at tomasz.nowakowski [at]

Research Scientist: Molecular Technologies for Brain Development, Synthetic Neuroscience

Looking for an opportunity to work in a highly collaborative research environment and develop new skills in molecular and synthetic biology?

We are looking for a highly motivated researcher at a postdoctoral or research scientist level who will work in close collaboration with other research teams at UCSF, and the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub. You will lead a research project involving designing, developing, and optimizing molecular tools for studying development of the cerebral cortex, and scalable molecular tools for studying psychiatric disease candidate mutations on brain development. You will teach and deploy technologies across projects within the laboratory, and across the collaborating groups. This appointment is for one year with the possibility for of extension based on funding and course of research. Candidates are expected to hold a PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, or a related field. At least three years of working with a cellular, tissue or animal model of brain is highly encouraged. Expertise in molecular biology, cloning, and viral tool design in required. Experience in fluorescence microscopy, in situ hybridization, sequencing library construction are highly encouraged. Excellent interpersonal, collaborative, and communication skills are expected, as well as attention to details and high organizational, documentation and time management skills. We are looking for candidates who are able to work independently and self-motivated, but are able to do that in a highly collaborative environment.  

Please contact Dr. Nowakowski at tomasz.nowakowski [at]

Graduate Student Positions

Graduate student positions are available in the lab. We look for those students who are excited to study brain development, and are willing to push the boundaries of new tools and technologies to answer long-standing questions in cortical development. We accept students from all of the UCSF graduate programs.

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