News and Views

Very nice News and Views in Nature @NPG, describing our paper: 

"Nowakowski et al. found that only select sets of genes are differentially expressed between progenitors across the two cortical regions, and that differences increase as neurons mature. These findings thus support a ‘soft’ premitotic situation that leaves leeway for extrinsic factors to drive the developmental trajectories of postmitotic newborn neurons (Fig. 1c)."

"These two studies shed long-awaited light on the origin of neuronal subtypes. However, the quest to understand neuronal diversity is only just beginning. Mendel’s classification of peas was later revisited by Raphael Weldon, who argued that there were many more categories than originally described"

"Finally, both studies identify disease-related genes among the cell-type-specific transcripts, including some associated with autism and schizophrenia. As such, they provide a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the mechanisms underlying these disorders."